Never have sparkling wine go flat again!

Perlage has been a real boon. We can now offer top-end Champagnes by the glass instead of just by the bottle. RON ZIMMERMAN, Owner, The Herbfarm, adjacent to Seattle

What is Perlage™? The Perlage System is a sparkling wine preservation system that enables restaurants to serve sparkling wine by the glass, with zero waste. Perlage is easy to use in a restaurant environment, and can expand the sparkling wine menu without limits, allowing multiple by the glass pours, and Sparkling Wine Flights “en Perlage.”

How Perlage Works: The Perlage System works by returning the headspace of the opened bottle to exactly the same composition and pressure of gases that existed before the bottle was opened. Properly used, sparkling wines preserved with Perlage will retain their original flavor and carbonation for weeks or months. Perlage has been field tested for years, and extensively tested by Dom Perignon. As a result, Dom Perignon commissioned a custom version of Perlage and sent it to over 2,000 of their best on-premise accounts worldwide.

Basic Kit: allows one wine By the Glass

  • 1 Enclosure
  • Hand-Held Pressurizer
  • CO2 Cartridges
  • Optional Logo Engraving (shown above)

Commercial Kit: allows 3 wine By the Glass at once

  • 3 Enclosures
  • Hose Pressurizer and Regulator
  • Tank not included, but can be rented or purchased locally
  • Optional Logo Engraving on all 3 Enclosures
  • Optional splice connection to Soda Gun Tank or to Soda Stream Tank orr purchase/rent a Food Grade CO2 tank locally from a gas supplier


  • Commercial Hose Pressurizer (hose, regulator, gun)
  • Single Enclosure
  • Hand-Held Pressurizer
  • Engraved logo for one Enclosure (one color)
  • Engraved logo for all 3 Enclosures (one color)
  • Soda Gun Splice Adapter Kit (splices hose pressurizer into a soda gun set up)
  • Soda Stream Adapter (connects Soda Stream® 60L tank to the Hose Pressurizer)
  • CO2 Cartridges 6-pack
Available trade materials for download. (POS, Shelf Talkers, Data sheets)