Croze Hermitage & Saint Joseph

Northern Rhone Wines

Winery: Owned by Olivier and Maryline Dumaine, whose family has continuously grown grapes at their estate since 1650. Located in the village of Larnage in Crozes-Hermitage, their philosophy is “Quality is better than quantity.” Winemaking: Hand harvested with rigorous sorting in mid September, carried immediately to winery to be destemmed, vatted and cooled for aromatic freshness. All native yeast fermentation, in cement vats for reds, and stainless for whites before maturation in neutral oak, using no new oak. All are hand-farmed without pesticides or herbicides on sloping granite hills and low yields.

Crozes-HermitageBlanc2018(100%Marsanne) LutteRaisonéeFarming 

Drink Rhone: “Aromas of ripe fruits, pear in syrup, apricot juice prominent. The pallet is wide, very smoothly textured, unfurls a real sphere of abundance with fleshy content.” The 50+ year old vines are tighty spaced for tiny yields on steep slopes and grown vertically-trelissed to single posts. Destemmed, slow-pressed, native yeast fermented in cool stainess and aged 6 months in neutral oak, using no new oak. Only 30 cases annuallly to the entire US

Crozes-Hermitage Rouge 2018(100% Serine Clone Syrah)
Lutte Raisonée Farming NewWine!

Layered aromas of earth, mushrooms, spice, bacon and blue/black fruits lead to a mouth-watering, creamy balance of juicy blue fruits and savory elements of black olives and black pepper. The gnarled 70+ year-old vines grow from a seeming moonscape of chunky, gravelly white granite, close-spaced for low yields, each trained to its own wood post trelis. Destemmed, native-fermented in cement tanks and aged 6 months in 1 to 3 year-old oak, using no new oak.

Saint Joseph2018 (100%Serine Cloneo fSyrah)13.5% alcohol
Lutte Raisonée Farming

From tiny 3⁄4 tons/acre yields grow on dangerously steep-sloped, west-facing granite parcels. The Serine Clone of Syrah is local to this region since ancient times, and offers enhanced perfume and aromatics. Vines are individually vertically-trained on single wood posts. Hand-harvested, 100% destemmed, fermented with native yeast in cool concrete vats (no oak) and matured in old neutral oak for 10 months before bottling unfiltered. 250 case production.

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