pronounced “two-lonh”

Côstieres de Nimes, Southern Rhône

Southernmost, cool part of the Rhône Valley – Vallée du Rhône Côstieres de Nimes – Pronounced “two-lohn”

Roussanne2018,CôstieresdeNimesBlancAOC(100%Roussanne) 13.0%alcohol
Founded in 1696 in this cool appellation, Phillipe Teulon is the 7th generation winemaker, and farms using organic herbicides, no pesticides and certified techniques. Picked in 3 passes for ideal grapes, made with no oak at all. Winery notes: “Gorgeous, with lush mango, creamed pineapple and melon. Exuberant and perfumed, with notes of marmalade, buttered citrus and orange rind.” This is a bright and lively wine with tremendous appeal. Great value.

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